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Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Our solar plexus chakra is situated just behind the navel and radiates the color yellow. Manipura is the cent of our vitality and it controls our energy balance and strengthens our overall wellbeing. The word Manipura translates to city of jewels, referring to the pearls of clarity, self-confidence, wellbeing, and wisdom that this chakra is responsible for. Using these traits, Manipura has the ability to replace passion with selfless love, prejudice to respect and understanding, pride and jealousy into modesty and inspiration, and laziness into focus.

As this chakra regulates the function of our digestive organs and pancreas, blockages can manifest as health problems including diabetes, high or low blood pressure and digestive disorders. On the contrary, a balanced solar plexus supports health by boosting the immune system, helping us fight off unwanted illnesses.

Our solar plexus is also the cent of our intuition or what we call the gut feeling. In order to listen to these feelings correctly, we must combine them with our intellect and learn to understand the language of our chakras. Listening correctly helps to eliminate fear by learning the true causes of anxiety. Without self-confidence or self-awareness, we live in constant fear that we are unloved or unworthy or becoming ill or dying. Understanding that we are all loved and as humans, we are part of the natural world which is constantly recycling itself brings these fears into the light.

A balanced Manipura gives you greater control over your emotional responses. It allows you to set healthy boundaries for yourself out of self-love and awareness. You will feel calm, collected and centered. You will have a healthy sense of self and radiate light throughout your being.

Symptoms of the Solar Plexus Imbalance

  • Controlling or competitive behavior
  • Overindulgence
  • Laziness or inability to focus
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Poor appetite
  • Low self-confidence
  • Lack of organization
  • Problems with the digestive system i.e stomach ulcers, indigestion, eating disorders and IBS

Ways to Balance Manipura


Close your eyes and imagine a bright yellow emitting out from around your navel. This is more effective with the use of crystals such as citrine, tigers eye or amber.


Opt for citrus oils such as grapefruit or sweet orange. Combine them with mint, ginger or chamomile for a cleansing, uplifting feel.


The practice of yoga is ideal for balancing the solar plexus. Doing strong, powerful, heat-inducing poses such as the warrior pose, boat pose, or sun salutations, helps bring awareness to your core and burn up any digestive impurities. Similarly, twisting poses help support healthy digestive function, in turn clearing the solar plexus good excuse to buy a new pair of athletic leggings and get moving.

Go Outside 

The solar plexus is associated with the sun and fire. Even if it’s not a nice day, the light of the sun can help. Simply going for a walk in the daylight will open and cleanse your navel chakra.


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