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Fun Out in the Sun

Natural light is what leads to humankind. Well, we’ve made ourselves quite comfortable with prolonging the day. But we still tend to lead lifestyles that compromise the natural rhythms. We wake up with the dawn and go to bed when it’s dark out, for the most part, at least.

But there comes a time, like winter in the northern hemisphere, when the lack of Vitamin-D-rich sunrays affect our moods in more than one way. From the scientific point of view, the lack of sun directly correlates to the levels of serotonin in our bodies, which usually runs low during the months with less sunlight.

But it’s summer now, and the chances of soaking up the sun are flying from left to right. One thing that you should really be mindful of is not laying out in the sun for too long and getting burned. The sun is strongest between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. During this time window, you should avoid being in direct contact with it, at least without proper protection that comes in shape of long-sleeved shirts, long pants, a hat, a pair of sunglasses on your nose, and SPF all over your skin. But sometimes, we simply fail. Because being diligent at some tasks normally also means overworking the situation. Isn’t that so?

Right. Here are my favorite ways and types of products to use when the sun does lure out the best of us and keeps us laying under it for too long of time: a quality mist, toner, serum, and moisturizing creams.

  • What you put both in and on your body should make you feel pretty and not weighed down. Take that same motto and apply it to your skincare routine. Summer obviously calls for light textures. Treat yourself to those. You deserve them.
  • The same goes for wearing light and breezy materials like linen and cotton that breathe with your skin. Also, be mindful of those when you pick your workout gear

Here are some more ideas on how to spruce up your summer days with fun and low-budget activities.

  • First off, it is the perfect time to be outside. Maybe you’ve been wanting to visit a park for a long time but never took the time to do so. Go for a hike and enjoy the gifts of nature. Summer is also the time when all the berries grow. No matter if you choose to pick them from a farm or the wild, they can be a delicious addition to your snacks.
  • Talking of snacks, if you choose not to go far from home, you can always dig your hands into the dirt and plant some herbs. Those also come handy in your kitchen at pretty much any time of the year.
  • Use all of those goodies to create a picnic. I love planning events, and I love outdoors. What better way to connect them together?
  • Add to those a jump rope, chalks, bubbles, and easily prepared homemade treats like popsicles, ice cream, flowery drinks, and healthy meals like hummus with veggies or healthy pizza for all the kids, the young ones and the ones who are young at heart. 

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