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How can yoga help you lose weight

Yoga is not just a trendy activity. It provides real benefits for the entire body. Being a non-aerobic activity, yoga doesn’t apply the expression “no pain, no gain” like other workouts such as weight training do. Besides improving your flexibility, posture, and health, yoga will also help you lose weight and maintain a fit body. Here are some ways in which yoga can reshape your body and have you looking slim in your new yoga leggings.  

Ways in Which Yoga Can Assist You with Weight Loss

1. It Activates Your Thyroid Gland
This happens especially when you do the head or shoulder stand pose. Although not all yoga practitioners feel the benefits of a headstand, the shoulder version will suit everyone. This is basically an inverted asana. Most people would rather do it instead of a headstand because it is easier to perform. It promotes thyroid activity.

2. Boost Internal Organism Heat
This leads to an improved metabolism, which makes your body burn calories much quicker. The best yoga pose that increases your heart rate and body heat is the sun salutation. Well, this is not exactly a pose. It is an entire sequence made of several asanas.

The secret to losing weight with the sun salutation method is to perform all the poses one right after the other without sustaining any of them a long time.

3. Yoga Intensifies Detoxification
Having some extra pounds might be a cause of a high toxicity level in your body. This means that you should probably follow a detoxifying program to lose weight. During this process, both your kidneys and liver–which are organs that detoxify your body–will start working better.
What I am about to tell you may surprise you. Yoga tones and strengthens not only your muscles and your physical appearance but also your inner organs. Some of the simplest forms of detox are represented by breathing exercises and yoga poses with twists.

4. Overall Natural Strength
During a yoga sequence, your muscles must be deeply engaged in the poses. Some might think that yoga won’t help them lose weight because there is not a lot of movement involved. Well, those people are wrong, my friend! Yoga asanas require a lot of isometric work from your body.
The best poses to boost muscle mass are the balancing asanas. They engage more than one group of muscles at once. You can also try standing positions which are easier and are best suited for beginners.

5. Improves Digestion & Unclogs Waste
Certain yoga poses for weight loss will flex your colon, which leads to a better digestion process. The best methods to achieve this goal are bandhas which can be done in your car during a traffic jam. The term comes from Sanskrit, of course, and it means to tighten or to hold.

These movements refer to the contraction of your pelvic area muscles, including the genitalia and the anal sphincter. Don’t jump to conclusions. These simple movements work miracles when it comes to your digestive tract.

Summing It Up
All the facts mentioned above are strong reasons that demonstrate weight loss and a healthier lifestyle through yoga. Try them all, and let us know how they went.

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