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Are Cotton Yoga Shorts a Good Investment?

Are you having trouble deciding about whether or not you should be fully equipped for your yoga and other activities related to sport? Well, long story short would be that you don’t have to do it. On the other hand, if you can afford it (and it isn’t really that expensive), you should.  So, yoga […]

Yoga for Flexibility

A lot of people complain they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga. Well, honestly it’s quite the opposite. Having a less flexible body implies that you will feel the stretches more and would great definite results within shorter spans of time. Sitting on your mat and touching your toes would surely make you feel immense […]

Fun Out in the Sun

Natural light is what leads to humankind. Well, we’ve made ourselves quite comfortable with prolonging the day. But we still tend to lead lifestyles that compromise the natural rhythms. We wake up with the dawn and go to bed when it’s dark out, for the most part, at least. But there comes a time, like […]

Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Our solar plexus chakra is situated just behind the navel and radiates the color yellow. Manipura is the cent of our vitality and it controls our energy balance and strengthens our overall wellbeing. The word Manipura translates to city of jewels, referring to the pearls of clarity, self-confidence, wellbeing, and wisdom that this chakra is […]

The Real Meaning Behind Namaste

Have you ever heard your yoga teacher say “Namaste” at the end of class? Did you wonder what that meant, do a quick Google search, and find something along the lines of “the divine light in me recognizes the divine light in you?” While that is a p

Fall Yoga Style

As seasons change, so does our style, and this applies to our yoga clothing too. Changing seasons are a time of transition including ev

Berries and their Benefits

Did you know? Berries boast many beneficial features like carrying antioxidants, which are full of vitamins A, C, and E. This means that berries contain elements that protect cel

Seasonal Eating for Yogis

June 21st is technically the summer solstice, but Memorial Day usually marks the start of “summer”

Breaking the Chains of Common Yoga Misconceptions

Yoga is a practice that most people misunderstand, especially if they have never tried it themselves. It is a personal experience that differs from one person to another. But before claiming any opinions (not just in yoga, but almost anything), gi